The Secret to Success in Photography is Passion

Just about anyone can pick up a camera, but it takes a special combination of passion, hard work, and dedication to end up doing what you love commercially. Few of us make it, but those who do have some great life lessons to share. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, aerial and landscape photographer Kyle Kuiper will likely get you up and out the door with your camera in hand:

A long-time favorite on Instagram, Kuiper wanted to be a professional photographer ever since he picked up a camera in the seventh grade. Now, at the age of 28, he’s made it to his dream job—a commercial photographer for companies such as Amazon, LG, and Dos Equis. But getting paid for what he loves didn’t come overnight, and he spent years developing his style and expertise while working full time at other day jobs.

His advice?

“Never forget your passion.”

And keep developing your practice and your practical knowledge.

“It’s the knowledge and understanding of the equipment in your hands that makes you a good photographer. It’s the practice. It’s the skill set that you slowly acquire over time. It’s not something that’s born overnight.”

Ocean Aerial Photography

Whether you’re into photography as a hobby or you’re trying to break through into the professional world, we can all use a little more inspiration and hearing stories like Kuiper’s can help keep our own fires alive.

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