The Perfect Comeback to a Camera Snob

I am sure many of us have fallen victim to camera snobbery at one time or another. That moment when a fellow photographer, belittles your camera or questions why you don’t have better equipment. This video from VEEP sums up the situation perfectly:

In the clip one guy is about to shoot a fairly simple shot on his EOS 5D when his colleague questions why he does not use a 1D. His reply, is sharp and cutting, the perfect foil to the camera snob. Rather than spoil the ending take a look and enjoy.

camera snob

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One response to “The Perfect Comeback to a Camera Snob”

  1. yola says:

    He has a 1D because it cost more money?! That sounds like someone who owns expensive camera just for status symbol, instead of learning how to operate the gadget.

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