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Most people can’t imagine living life without a set home. Voluntarily passing up permanent shelter goes against fundamental survival instincts. Nevertheless, certain individuals choose to forgo creature comforts in favor of an adventurous, nomadic lifestyle. Photographers Elia Locardi and Naomi Locardi did just that:

The pair always had an attraction to the world at large. Even so, the decision to become location independent artists was a leap of faith. Having to purge themselves of nearly all of their possessions, the decision to adopt a more bohemian way of life came at great sacrifice. Aside from their camera gear, the couple only holds onto a few suitcases’ worth of essentials. Their belongings weren’t the only things the Locardis were forced to give up—the constant travel also created a strain on personal relationships that are difficult to maintain across great distances.

exploring the landscape

“There came a point when we were traveling so much that we thought to ourselves, ‘What if we didn’t live anywhere? What if we just traveled full time and lived in the world?'”

Even with the challenges traveling presents, both Naomi and Elia wouldn’t have it any other way. The two thrive on the constant change and strive to bond with the environment. Between vastly different locations, the Locardis are always able to find beauty and unique perspective. As this documentary reveals, their enthusiasm for life is unmatched—each precious moment is an incredible adventure, far more valuable than any material possession.

Elia and Naomi Locardi

“Life is a series of actions, decisions. You grab hold of the things that catch your eye, things you love, the things you want, need, desire. But other times, it’s about letting go, pushing past the things you think you need to find the things you really need…In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

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