The Making of a Sports Illustrated Cover: Boston Strong Photo Shoot

Following the tragedy that occurred at the 2013 Boston Marathon, Sports Illustrated and the city of Boston wanted to pay homage to the victims and their families by dedicating the cover to the event in 2014. In the video clip below, you can have a behind the scenes look into the photo shoot, which involved thousands of people at the starting line of the marathon. Watch the emotionally charged footage here:

Photographer, Gregory Heisler, is the man behind the camera responsible for capturing the huge crowd in the following photograph:


Boston Strong Sports Illustrated Cover (Via Sports Illustrated Facebook. Click image to see full size.)

The mayor of Boston, along with some firefighters, policemen, and other first responders are all featured at the front of the photograph, surrounded by 3,000 cheering participants, all pumped to be part of the shoot.

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2 responses to “The Making of a Sports Illustrated Cover: Boston Strong Photo Shoot”

  1. LG says:

    Unfortunately, while a nice feel-good piece, this video clip says nothing about the making of the image– coordinating that many people, the photographic considerations and decisions by Mr. Heisler, etc.

  2. Tony says:

    LG, I agree completely. While it pleases me to see resilience, especially after serving 6 years in our military starting in the first gulf war I come to this site for photography info. I would really like to know how you freeze that many people in a shot clearly without a ridiculous ISO and make it worthy of a magazine cover.

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