The Main Point of Interest in Photography

Many people new to photography wish their pictures had more of an impact. Ensuring there is a main point of interest in the composition is a great way to make your photos have just that.

Your first step should be to identify what you would like your main point of interest to be, and then compose around it in a way that will give it prominence. Other details should not be competitors for attention.

point of interest

how to find a point of interest

importance of point of interest

tips for point of interest

These four pictures are self-explanatory. In many cases the main point of interest is obvious, but if it is not, you will have to create one. As you may have read, there are a number of methods to highlight your point of interest, but here are three more that are worth remembering – used in combination or singly depending on the composition.

Frame to Eliminate Distractions and Fill the Frame

examples of point of interest

A general picture.

good and bad examples of interest in photos

A specific picture with impact.

make your photo have impact with interest

A messy picture.

how to use a point of interest

A clear point of interest.

how to use a point of interest

This is a waterfall.

create clearer points of interest

This is a waterfall!

improve your point of interest

A cityscape. It’s interesting but…

photo interest tips

This is a modern city!

As well as filling the frame, we can also use part of the scene to frame the main point of interest. This has the advantage that the viewer can see more of the whole scene so they can fully appreciate it.

ways to frame a point of interest

Archways are great.

interest and framing in photography

Using the frame to set the scene.

how to make your photo interest pop

A natural frame of trees.

framing your interest

Using the building as a frame.

Use Color or Tonal Contrast to Separate Your Subject

color pop to create a point of interest

Early morning mist.

use color to make your subject stand out

Color really works as a highlight.

point of interest explained

High visibility gear always works really well.

best tips for point of interest

This is a bicycle!

Use Depth of Field

This can be extremely effective.

point of interest with color and DOF

DOF and point of interest

When depth of field is combined with color the effect is magnified.

eliminate distractions for better impact

illustrating good photo point of interest

Just dropping the background away really highlights the point of interest.

Always remember that your viewer should not have to struggle to decide what your image is all about – the main point of interest should be obvious!

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Roger Lee is a Johannesburg-based photographic trainer and cruise ship speaker on Smartphone Photography. He runs a “Enjoy Your Camera” course and has eBooks for people who don’t want to drown in detail and just take good images at and

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