The Magic Photobomb Prank

Ah, the photobomb—we’ve all been there. Whether you’ve been the bomber or the bombee, you know what I’m talking about. A well-played photobomb can, and often does, end up going viral, bringing joy to millions around the globe. But, is it getting a little old? Greg Benson of MediocreFilms added a new spin to the photobomb—watch as he plays a hilarious and creative photobombing prank on a few unsuspecting tourists on Hollywood Boulevard:

No doubt everyone who’s reading this has been photobombed at some point in their lives. It can happen on purpose—the random guy walking by who literally jumps at the chance to ruin your nice shot, or it can be a complete accident—a squirrel popping up in front of the camera just as the timer goes off. But, have you ever been photobombed by the exact person who is taking the picture? Apparently, that’s not so impossible.

photobombed by photographer

With just a little creativity, a cardboard cutout and a big sense of humor, Benson was able to fool a lot of people. The tourists trying to get their photos taken were all good sports and the prank was just good fun and a lot of laughs for everyone involved. Nice to see this kind of harmless, fun joke going viral.

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