The Magic of Water & Long Exposure Photography

In this “instant” era, when time seems to fly faster than ever, we don’t seem to have time to wait for a perfect image. Long exposure photography requires time and patience to start with, and some technicalities, like calculation of the exposure values, filters, and tripod. Check out these beautiful images of water captured through long exposures:

long, exposure, night, sky, water, mountain, blue

photo by Stewart Baird

long, exposure, water

photo by fs999

still, rock, sky, long, exposure, purple

photo by Tim Donnelly

long, exposure, shore, water, sky, rock

photo by Giuseppe Milo

If you liked these, check out our tips on how to get a silky water effect with long exposure photography, and if you still wonder about it, read 6 reasons to try long exposure photography in the first place. KeepĀ calm and give it a try!

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One response to “The Magic of Water & Long Exposure Photography”

  1. Wow! These are beautiful! I am still to try this technique! And as summer is coming up, I will definitely put this into plan to try this out! Thanks for the inspiration!

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