The Latest Trend is Even Better Than a Selfie Stick

There’s an old saying in Romanian that the truth is told as a joke. That’s not always the case, but I believe that when it comes to the following video, satire is used to make a fair point: selfie sticks have taken over our lives. The people over at College Humor tackle the selfie stick problem in a hilarious spoof:

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to having your picture taken by a friend, as opposed to a selfie stick; it doesn’t even have to be a friend. I mean, who among us has never asked a complete stranger to take a picture? (Via PetaPixel)

In all fairness, there are some situations where I totally understand the appeal of a selfie stick. When I’m out and about with my GoPro and I want to take an extra-wide shot, or if I’m trying to take a photo of a very large group, I could find it justifiable. However, those were situations easily fixable without a selfie stick, and easily fixable with a friend.

“Finally, take selfies so good they’re just called ‘pictures’.”

photo made using a selfie stick

An increasingly common sight…

What’s your position on selfie sticks? Are you among the people who like them, or would you rather see them banned?

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One response to “The Latest Trend is Even Better Than a Selfie Stick”

  1. Kevin says:

    I think any tool that enables a photographer to take a better photo, to their own satisfaction, is justified. I personally don’t have one and wouldn’t add it to my arsenal but can see the benefit of having one, particularly if you’re part of a group.

    For me, I’ve been taking ‘selfies’ for years – way before the concept of taking selfies became popular. I personally like taking them, for that ‘in the moment’ challenge of getting the composition right by pure judgement. It’s for that reason, I prefer to take a selfie rather than ask a stranger to take one for me.

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