The Inspired Eye 3: Notes on Creativity for Photographers eBook

inspired eye ebook

The Inspired Eye 3 eBook

The Inspired Eye III – Notes on Creativity for Photographers by David duChemin was released today and is designed to help you understand creativity in a way that will result in better photographs. All successful photographers tend to develop their own unique creative process over time, usually as an ever changing process.

This book, as the big number three in the title implies, is part of a series of eBooks examining the creative process of the photographer.

duChemin says, “In the best creative scenarios, the work of creativity is like a river: it moves steadily from its source to the ocean, from input to output. You can stand on the shore and watch the same spot all day and you’d be looking at the same river, but different water. The water comes in, it goes out. Creativity is like that. It’s like breath. You breathe in, you breathe out. It seems, at times, almost unconscious. The only trouble comes when the air stops coming in, or the air stops going out.”

Topics Covered (32 Pages):

  • About the Images in this Book
  • Stronger Imaginations, Stronger Images
  • Sketch Photographs
  • Quantity Leads to Quality
  • Risk
  • Begin
  • Solitude
  • Slow Down
  • Play
  • Imitate, then Move On
  • Trust Your Process
  • Forget Talent
  • Conclusion
sample page from the inspired eye

Sample page from The Inspired Eye III

“Making art is not easy. One of the reasons it is as hard as it is, I think, is simply because we listen to the voices that tell us it is meant to be easy. When I shoot a scene I often shoot a hundred frames, sometimes over a few hours or days, before I begin to get a real handle on what I want in the frame and how I want it there. It is rare—very rare—that I pull it off in one burst of the shutter, let alone one single frame.”

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