The Historical Importance of Photography

There are many extremely famous figures in history that lived before the invention of photography. Unfortunately, this means we can’t know for sure what these people looked like, even if we do have sketches, paintings or statues that portray them. The limitation of these media is that they aren’t capable of replicating the exact appearance a person. However, after the introduction of photography, it allowed us to capture their image and see them as they really were, even after hundreds of years. Photography was truly a game-changer. In today’s video, team Mystery Scoop takes a look at some snapshots from history and talks about what we could have easily missed had it not been for photography:

“If it wasn’t for photography, many interesting historical characters could have easily become nothing more than a name on a page.”

In this video, you’ll see quite a number of photographs of individuals whose names you must have come across in the history books. And after watching, you’ll probably realize more than ever how fantastic it feels to put a face to a name.

When unseen, it’s really interesting how our mind tries to come up with a face for a name based on the work they did. Going through this video, you can see and compare how close or far-off you were with your guesswork.

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