The Fundamental Rules of Street Photography Composition

Check out this awesome slideshow that walks us through the fundamentals of street photography composition. A helpful resource for photographers, the presentation was created by Eric Kim as an educational supplement to his course on street photography at the 2014 Gulf Photo Plus Exposition in Dubai:

The slideshow provides a nice visualization of various rules of photography with an emphasis on street photography composition. Kim uses portraits by famous street photographers, like Henri Cartier Bresson, showing you the originals before adding illustrations to the images to highlight the rule used. (Via PetaPixel)

street photography composition tips

Using Diagonals And Lines In Street Photography. Photo By Rene Burri

The collection also covers leading lines, curves, and the useful figure to ground method, among others. The slideshow is simple, and that’s what makes it so good. You are not inundated by irrelevant information or distracted by unrelated material.

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    your website is unusable. The images don’t even show up

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