The First and Last Guide to Cleaning Your Camera You Will Ever Need (Cringeworthy)

Don’t do this! Are your lenses so dirty you need to do color correction every time you take a shot? Do you change your lenses so often that the noise in your photos is due exclusively to sensor dust?  Ever wonder how to return your camera to an out-of-the-box shine before reselling it on Ebay? Well, look no further! This very odd camera cleaning tutorial appeared on YouTube and claims to provide the definitive solution to all your camera-cleaning needs:

Pavlis’ cleaning method* will ensure that your camera and lens come out squeaky clean every single time. It will also save you a fortune on camera cleaning kits!

While you’re at it, don’t forget:

  •  Only use the “full cone” or “high speed” settings on your hose nozzle when rinsing. This will ensure you get every last speck of dirt off the electronics.
  • Make sure to dry your camera thoroughly: tumble dry on low heat for about an hour and a half. The lens, too.
  • Polish the lens optics afterwards: fine sand is pretty good, as long as it doesn’t have organic material. Super fine sandpaper is even better.

How to Clean Your Camera Spoof

Any other tips you can think of that will make sure you never have to clean your camera or lens again?

*Please be advised, this video was created solely to make photographers cringe. Click here to see the correct way to clean your DSLR camera and lens. Also, no cameras or lenses were harmed in the making of this film—they were broken to begin with.

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12 responses to “The First and Last Guide to Cleaning Your Camera You Will Ever Need (Cringeworthy)”

  1. Phil Ball says:

    NO! NO! NO!! This is supposed to be funny but some fool will try it and ruin their camera! Cameras and water DO NOT MIX! NO! NO! NO!!

  2. Rose Bonner says:

    What are you thinking? This is crazy. Someone is going to not read through the whole article and then attempt to clean their equipment. This is suppose to be an informative, instructional blog.

  3. Rick says:

    I can’t believe I saw this here. that tiny little note at the bottom is not enough!

  4. Charlie says:

    I know this is supposed to be funny but there will always, ALWAYS be people who don’t know any better.
    I suggest you take this down immediately or replace it with an article which could actually be helpful. You can’t expect everyone to know these things. Jeezus.

  5. karen says:

    Dang! that was close ^_^ Good thing I read all the way (“_”)…

  6. Morten says:

    Relax guys…it’s weather-sealed…

  7. 30+ Year Film Pro says:

    Gimme a break… This isn’t funny at all! Hello? It’s STUPID! And it’s a piss poor failed attempt at satire. I’ve always deeply respected your opinions & info on your site; but this is a great disservice to anyone who is really young and/or new to photography (without a Mentor) and searching the Web for helpful information. This isn’t funny at all. It’s just stupid… and hopefully some poor ignorant soul out there won’t do this. Shame on you. I speak for many of your readers when I color this a Major FAIL!

  8. Jeremy Lee says:

    Very funny. Especially the.comments from those worried about people not knowing thus is not real. I mean come on!

  9. Coach Tom Horonzy says:

    Until I read the comments I thought it was crazy but sincere. Missed your ending caveat two times through. DANGER! DANGER! Law suits to prevail.

  10. Jeff says:

    I agree with the majority here. Poor attempt at humor but what’s more troubling is you KNOW there will be people out there that don’t read and don’t know any better. Someone is going to take their new 70D and toss it in a tub of water. This is not appropriate for a website that is supposed to be a learning site for new photographers. BOO!

  11. Vinss says:

    It’s not funny at all, when I saw this my mind blew BOOM….. I would never do this…

  12. People are dumb. You should remove this NOW!!!

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