The Diversity and Beauty of Sacramento Captured in a Timelapse

With so many amazingly beautiful natural spaces and vibrant, unique cities in California, Sacramento often goes under the radar. But one photographer, a new Sacramento resident, saw the little city’s potential and captured it in a way that really applauds the city. Freelance destination multimedia specialist Justin Majeczky reveals the hidden beauty and vibe of Sacramento with this hyperlapse video that flows seamlessly:

Majeczky spent over 18 months working on this timelapse. In that time, he was carefully choosing the locations to shoot, wandering around and photographing the city and its outskirts, experimenting with and learning different timelapse methods, and creating the final product.

hyper lapse of sacramento

All in all, he had over 20,000 photographs to choose from and edit.

sunflower timelapse image

Majeczky says he has learned to love the vast ethnic and scenic diversity of the area. He shows this in the video, which captures everything from the bustling city streets to the surrounding farmlands and sunflower fields.

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