The Dangers of Rogue Waves for Beach Photography Sessions

Next time you decide to pose for that mermaid picture, don’t turn your back to the ocean. The sea always has a way of catching you off-guard:

Hanging out on the beach, Rosangela de Silva spotted a gorgeous looking rock. It gave her the idea to pose like a mermaid on it. While she posed, completely unaware of what was brewing behind her, her husband caught a glimpse of the surging surf.

awkward mermaid

The sea surges in and she is completely unaware.

Alerted by the photographer, de Silva turned back, but by that time it was too late to reach safer ground. She was swept of her feet by the powerful surf. She managed to dig her hands into a crack on the rock face and hang on for dear life.

Awkward mermaid, back to the sea

Swept off her feet

Just in case you’re planning something similar, make sure you’re aware of the potential danger of seaside photo shoots!

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  1. Thiagones says:

    Brasilians being brasilians… Not being rude, I’m brasilian…………………………………….. this is funny haha

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