The 5 Day Photography Deal

36 leading photography educators & brands have been selected to contribute products to take your photography to the next level. Over $2,500 of products & resources for photographers at 96% off, but it’s only available for 5 days. It’s one of the best photography deals of the year so you may want to check it out.

photo bundle 2018

The 5 Day Photography Deal

The Complete Photography Bundle 2018 by 5DayDeal is a collection of industry leading training, tools, and inspiration for photographers at every level and in every or genre.

Whether you’re a photographer looking to gain new techniques, a portrait/lifestyle photographer wanting to grow a specific skill, a landscape/travel photographer taking it up a notch, or you’re simply looking discover better, more creative, ways to edit your digital work… this bundle may be an invaluable resource as you grow your craft.

Some of the Many Things Included in the Bundle:

  • Get the training you need to create amazing landscapes
  • Learn the best techniques to bring the starry-night sky to life
  • Gain insights on traveling with your camera stress-free
  • Use an industry-vetted model release written by a lawyer
  • See how the magic happens during a pro model shoot
  • Take the mystery out of post-production by using easy presets
  • Book more weddings and make them creative and stress-free
  • Tell better stories by learning the art of great composition
  • Learn how to fly a drone like a pro and create visuals that pop
  • Turn your technical skill into the creative expertise you crave
  • Master the art of editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Create stunning fine art with pro textures, overlays and presets
  • Learn how to shoot on-location with a small, or zero, budget
  • Make your next portrait session more creative with better posing
  • Save time and money using the same editing tricks the pros use
  • Edit your photos using dodge and burn techniques that work
  • Use professional email scripts to attract more business
  • Produce captivating B&W photographs that reflect your style
  • Learn how to use color grading to edit more stronger portfolios
  • Develop your own digital workflow that makes editing faster
  • Turn your creative passion into a craft you’re proud of
  • Grow as a photographer by learning from seasoned pros
  • Ditch the fear of learning photography from scratch
  • Learn how to become the artist you’ve always wanted to be
sunrise photographer

Landscape Photography Tutorials & Editing Tools

This bundle is packed full of industry-leading resources to help you be a more creative and skilled photographer. These video training sessions, eBooks, photo editing programs, Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and courseware are the same ones the contributing photographers sell on their own websites. No trial versions, nothing left out.

The 2018 Complete Photography Bundle is an all-new, and exclusive collection that will only ever exist during these five days, never to return. These products have never been offered through 5DayDeal in the past and they’ll never be included in the future—this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the training and tools you need to make your online efforts more successful.

Sales Statistics:

  • 91,000 happy photography customers & counting
  • $203,000,000+ saved & counting

For every bundle sold, 10% of the purchase price will go to charity.

This bundle includes products to improve photography in all aspects and genres; from lighting, to portraits, to landscapes, and everything in between.

“I was looking to buy one of the products in the bundle and now I have 36 others to go with it for less than original price! What’s not to love?” -Michael M.

photography education

Advanced Photography Training

Photographers from around the world and from all areas of photography are coming together to offer the ultimate package of education, tools and resources.

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