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Those delicious holiday meals are fast approaching along with terrific food photography opportunities. This new book is packed full of tips, techniques, and advice to help you get started or refine your skills at producing photos that bring out the best of any given dish.

tasty food photography

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Found here: Tasty Food Photography

As you photograph your food, you should be changing something constantly. If you’re not conscious about always changing the composition of your shot, it’s surprisingly easy to end up with 100 pictures that all look the same.

One of the most important – and contradictory – things you can do for yourself while photographing food is getting out of the kitchen!

“My favorite place to shoot in my house is right next to our office windows. There are three windows formed into a bay window shape. This provides light from three angles, which gives me an excellent “scrape” of light.”

Food photography is a skill and an art. It takes time to develop your skills with things like using the manual settings on your camera. It takes time to be able to create artistically composed food photos.

Topics Covered (48 Pages):

  • Technical Tips
  • Composition Tips
  • Lighting Tips
  • Props and Set Up Tips
  • Post Processing & Editing Tips
  • General Workflow

There are some foods that just photograph better than others. When you’re getting started, don’t practice with brown, flat or generally blah foods. Choose foods that you know are going to look beautiful with the right lighting and set up.

food photography guide

Techniques from Tasty Food Photography (Click to See More)

My hope is that these tips and tricks will be practical, easy to read, and ultimately help you take food photos that make people say, “I am dying to eat that right now!”

How to Get a Copy:

The guide comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablet computers.

It can be found here: Tasty Food Photography

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