Taking Your Portraiture To The Next Level II eBook Review

portrait ebook review

Taking Your Portrait to the Next Level II

New York portrait photographer Edward Verosky has just released his 2nd eBook on professional portrait photography tips and techniques. In this ebook, Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level II, there are very important and fundamental lessons to learn about building up your work and bringing the most out of your subjects. It contains 57 pages on a wide range of topics.

This book focuses on the fact that it is imperative for working photographers to differentiate themselves from others in order not to drown in a sea of competition where so many are producing work absent of any unique style or vision. Amateurs have even more reason to explore the artistic areas of portraiture since it is a part of the amateur heritage to do so, and also because they don’t have the burden of producing work according to the tastes and needs of paying clients.

Primary Chapters:

  • The power of the portfolio
  • Start an art project or series
  • Experiment whenever possible
  • Finding great subjects
  • Inspire your subject
  • Make it personal
  • Basic portrait setup
  • Set limits for better results
  • Post-processing
professional portraiture ebook

Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level II

Verosky says, “I envisioned this book as a way to give readers the advice I would give in person. Nothing beats learning from your own experience but I think having someone tell you about their experiences can really help you gain knowledge in minutes, what took someone else years to acquire.

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