Taking Your Portraiture To The Next Level eBook Review

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Taking Your Portrait to the Next Level eBook

Professional photographer Edward Verosky has just released an eBook designed to help photographers with advanced portrait photography concepts. It contains 62 pages of unique information on how to beyond the rules of conventional portraiture with creative ideas and guidelines for developing your own unique style.

It begins with a look at contemporary portraiture and an explanation of five classic lighting patterns (short, broad, rembrandt, butterfly, and split lighting). The next section of the book provides many examples which can serve as inspiration and/or building blocks for your own creative portraiture ideas (involving 28 pages of specific creative techniques, and 5 pages of guidelines on how to develop your own style).

Some of the Key Topics Covered:

  • What you need to know about lighting
  • The state of contemporary portraiture
  • Why being unique is so important
  • Learning to think like an artist
  • Rise above your competition
  • Examples to follow in order to extend or portraiture
portrait photography ebook

Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level

Taking Your Portraiture To The Next Level is not a technical manual like some of Verosky’s other books. The purpose of this book is not to give you tips on using your camera or to teach you the finer points of using flash. His goal is to get you to think differently about portraiture and to help you start on the path to discovering your own unique style.

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  1. Marlene Nickerson says:

    I just downloaded this ebook to my ipad and now I can’t save it. Can anyone help me?

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