Tack-Sharp Focus Tips for Street and Travel Photography

In street photography, we always look for a moment to freeze in our photos. But the challenge is that the moment could happen anywhere and anytime. Predicting it is next to impossible. Another challenge that comes with it is capturing the moment in sharp focus. While using autofocus or a manual zone focus system is viable, they’re not perfect. Today, photographer Roman Fox shares some focusing techniques that he’s found useful for street and travel photography, where getting the focus right is of the utmost importance.

Cameras today are fast, intelligent and highly capable. The speed and accuracy with which cameras can focus are remarkable. Plus, various focus modes and areas ensure that the subject stays sharp no matter what it is going on in the frame. But the onus is still on the human behind the lens to understand the modes and features of the camera and only use the beneficial ones.

Fox discusses the pros and cons of focusing with the shutter button and the back button. He also discusses an interesting focus-lock method that lets you lock focus even in continuous autofocus mode. He also talks in depth about the different focus modes and the focus zones along with the right scenarios to use them. As you can see in the video, while some techniques work best for moving subjects, others work great for still life. This makes the techniques discussed in the video useful for both street and travel photography.

To know about the important focus modes and focus techniques for street and travel photography, make sure that you watch the entire video. If you have been struggling with getting sharp focus in the field, Fox’s tips will surely help you out.

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