Surreal Portrait Photography

Portraiture is one of the most common types of photography and because of that it can tend to become rather redundant. In terms of thinking outside the box, surreal portrait artist, Rob Woodcox, raises the bar. Known for his photography in which he magically makes people appear as though they were levitating, Woodcox is opening up new doors in the world of portraiture. Take a look at the following video where viewers are invited along on one of Woodcox’s productions as he shares his insights and artistry with us:

For the Calling Outer Space shoot, Woodcox used the following gear:

And here are a few additional examples from Woodcox’s portfolio:

artistic portrait photographycomposite photographyportraiture

“Photoshop does play a pretty big role in most of my photos, even the more simple ones. You think of a panoramic, you take multiple shots side by side to get that wide view, you can do the same thing with a portrait.”

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