Stunning Timelapse Showcases the Ethereal Beauty of Norway

Norway’s fascinating landscape has long been an inspiration for photographers and cinematographers alike. Its unique location, rugged topography—which at times appears Moon-like—deep fjords, breathtaking northern lights, and picturesque cities make Norway a photographers paradise. This stunning 5-minute video by photographer Morten Rustad, called Norway: A Time-Lapse Adventure, aims to showcase everything that’s Norway:

Rustad traveled 15,000 kilometers (almost 10,000 miles) over five months, during which he took tens of thousands of images. If you’re aware of the process of creating a timelapse video you’ll appreciate the time and the sheer effort put into making this video.

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Rustad’s journey took him through all of the 19 counties of Norway, starting from the extreme south of the country to the extreme northeast, bordering Russia.

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