Stunning Timelapse Photography from the International Space Station

Some of the most beautiful and moving photography in the world is the photography done in outer space. For the vast majority of us, space exploration is an impossible dream, but thankfully, there is no shortage of astronauts willing to document their extraterrestrial experiences and share them with the world:

Australian filmmaker David Peterson has always dreamt of exploring space. Using photos taken by astronauts aboard the NASA International Space Station, he combined them to create this timelapse sequence “The World Outside My Window” to give his viewers the sensation of flying through space.

In a previous video, entitled “All Alone in the Night,” (see below) Peterson used images of the Earth’s surface from the space station to similar effect; in this film, he focuses more on the actual experiences of the astronauts, with interior shots of the station and one of the astronaut-photographer himself (Don Pettit).

For more photos and videos from space, check out The Gateway to Astronaut Photography.

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