Striving to Achieve a Higher Level of Landscape Photography

As photographers, we want to capture the things in life that are closest to our hearts. Often, to find that perfect mix of passion, love and beauty, we have to go out searching for it.

But sometimes, if we’re lucky, the chance to photograph something that we love so much, something that just inspires us and cleanses the soul, lays right outside our back door.┬áSuch is the case for f-stop pro landscape photographer, Adrian Klein:

In this episode of Life in Focus, the crew spends some time with Klein as he wanders through Oregon’s lush natural forests, capturing breathtaking images.

As a mountain climber and hiker living in Oregon, Klein has the unique advantage to shoot what he loves and much of his photography comes out of just exploring the area.

He makes the journey and adventure Priority One. While the images Klein brings home are stunning, he admits that while there is skill involved, part of a great landscape portrait is about being in the right place at the right time.

When he sets out on a hike, he wants the journey to be the adventure and just goes with the flow, rather than searching out the easy shot, like a sunset from an easy location.

landscape photography

Even if Klein does have a plan for his trek and an idea of the image he wants to capture, that doesn’t always work out.

“In the end, I’m really at the mercy of Mother Nature.”

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