Street Photography: A License to Observe

Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson is constantly seeking answers. He navigates the world through his camera, and through his viewfinder he makes sense of his surroundings:

More so than most things, Anderson often wonders about home. Having traveled across a number of countries over the course of his career, he’s made an effort to find connections to the sights, sounds, and souls of each place. Having recently moved from New York to Barcelona, the photographer has found himself in an entirely foreign region to investigate and make discoveries.

street photography Spain

Luckily, Anderson’s camera provides a privilege to observe that isn’t granted to most people. Through the lens, he is able to study the people surrounding him and steer his way through the strange streets that he now calls home. As he attempts to forge a relationship with the city, his camera serves as a guide.

European buildings

Magnum photography

candid street portrait

Produced by Verri Media, the attached documentary profiles Anderson’s story in beautiful, vibrant detail. In his own words, he describes his journey to become acclimated to the world around him, and how the word “home” has come to mean something much more than the place he finds himself in.

Christopher Anderson

“The act of photography, for me, is sort of this interface with what I’m connecting to…it’s kind of my excuse to connect. In doing so, I discover more about myself, I discover more about what home means to me.”

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