The Street Photographer’s Lightroom Presets

These new photo editing presets are designed to help photographers instantly bring out the best attributes of their street photography with exposure adjustments, clarity, vibrance, saturation, split toning, highlights, shadows, sharpening, noise reduction, vignetting, graduated filter adjustments and much more. Found here: The Street Photographer’s Lightroom Presets

street presets

Amazing street photo edits in seconds (click to see how they work)

A premium collection of 50 presets designed and developed specifically for street photographers but any photographer can benefit.

The Street Presets Bundle Includes:

  • 50 one-click presets designed for instant results in many types of street photography situations and lighting conditions.
  • Instructions on how to quickly and easily install the presets in Adobe Lightroom. Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher.
street photo editing

Street photo examples using the presets (see larger)

As street photographers, it’s our job to catch the emotional essence of a city and show it to others through street portraits, documenting moments, and more. In many cases it’s about being in the right place at the right time. How can you do that if you are always stuck at your computer editing photos?

Less Time at the Computer = More Time With Your Camera:

  • Install in Minutes: Installation within Adobe Lightroom is super quick and easy! Instructions included.
  • Post-Process & Edit Quickly: Post-process and edit your photos in seconds rather than hours, usually with just 1 click!
  • More Time in the Field: Less time at the computer and more time with your camera exploring the city.
street presets

Amazing street edits in seconds (see more within)

How to Get the Street Presets for a Discount Today:

The street photographer’s lightroom presets are currently 50% off which ends soon. They also include a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, if you don’t love the preset collection simply let us know for a full refund. So there is no risk in trying them.

Deal found here: The Street Photographer’s Lightroom Presets

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