Street Photographer Shares Mistakes

Street photography isn’t something you can simply do by heading out onto the street with a camera in your hand. Like any other genre of photography, street photography also requires a good deal of planning and a thorough understanding of your shooting location. So what happens if you’re somewhere unfamiliar and you head out to take some photos without a plan? This was the exact mistake that photographer Pierre T. Lambert made. Let’s join him as he shares everything that went wrong while he was out photographing the streets of Washington, D.C.:

“Failing is a hundred percent okay. Never feel bad about it. The one thing that’s not okay is to never try. You should be failing so that you can progress.”

Lambert had no proper knowledge of the area he was out to photograph. Eventually, his choice of gear turned out to be wrong. While he could’ve shot some great images with a longer lens, he was stuck with his wide-angle lens. Even his 85mm turned out to be insufficient. Also, you can notice in the video that there weren’t many people out in the streets. What fun is street photography without people? In such a situation, having a companion could’ve helped. But, again, he was out all alone.

After watching the video, we can all agree that information plays a key part in street photography. Having a better idea of the place that you’ll be shooting in, the highlights of the area and the lighting conditions can increase the likelihood of getting a better shot. If you’re new to a place, take a local friend along with you. They will definitely help you in finding the right way to take the best shots possible.

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