Street Photo Editing on Smartphone Apps

Smartphones have come a long way. This is true not just in terms of the quality of photos they can produce, but also their processing power. With mobile devices getting more and more powerful, software companies have rolled out full-fledged mobile versions of photo editing software that can compete with any desktop editing platform. And now with smartphones being able to connect to our cameras, the entire shooting, editing, and sharing experience is practically seamless. In today’s video, we have photographer Sean Tucker showing you how you can use your smartphone as a substitute to your computer for editing, sharing, and backing up your content:

“Every app that I’m going to show you today keeps your images at full resolution with all the details intact.”

Tucker starts off by walking you through how you can use the wifi feature in your camera and smartphone to transfer the images to your smartphone. But keep in mind that the process can differ based on the camera models. He then walks you through how you can use apps like Lightroom and Polarr to edit your photos. The cool thing about these apps is that they are fully compatible with raw files. Also, you can export your final images in full resolution without losing any details. Some other popular apps that you can look for are Darkroom (iOS), Whitagram (iOS), and Snapseed (Android and iOS).

If you need to back up your photos, you’ll learn Tucker’s preferred method using the Amazon Photos app. Using this app also ensures that you have easy access to your photos not just from your phone, but from any platform you wish to use.

Do you use mobile apps to edit and publish your photos? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments.

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