SteeleTraining Photography Courses

Professional photographer Phil Steele along with his company has created many photography tutorial courses designed to help photographers excel in certain key areas. If you are looking for more help in any of these areas, now is a good time to check them out:

1. Lightroom Made Easy – at 38% off

lightroom made easy

Master the Lightroom skills and secret pro tricks that will transform your photos today. By this time tomorrow you could be a Lightroom expert.

2. Pro Portraits with Off-Camera Flash – at 30% off

portrait course

Designed to help you take professional headshots and and portraits using a DSLR and basic flash. The new, easy, inexpensive, portable way to take professional photos without expensive studio gear.

3. Photoshop Basics for Photographers – at 30% off

photoshop basics

In this course you get just the essential basics, the stuff you absolutely must know, the techniques that you’ll use on every photo, day after day, to turn out beautiful, professional-looking work.

4. Secrets of Successful Event Photography – at 33% off

event photography

Designed to teach photographers the techniques used by professionals to get great photos – every time – even in the most difficult conditions at parties, weddings, concerts, corporate functions, nightclubs, fashion shows, fast-moving sports games, festivals, and more.

“My goal is to help pull you forward a few notches as a photographer, very fast. I want you to learn from my mistakes instead of having to make them yourself, and to enjoy a shortcut through some processes that I had to traverse the long way.” -Phil Steele

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One response to “SteeleTraining Photography Courses”

  1. Peter Brown says:

    Phil, It’s Peter Brown in the UK again. I am sorry to report that however long I have tried I have not been able to locate you in order to buy your Lightroom Opacity slider offered today at US$10.00. Would you be able to send me another link whereby I can make a purchase please.
    Even my IT specialist cannot access a link to you, it is very frustrating.

    I shall be very grateful for your assistance. Best regards, Peter Brown

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