StandInBaby: The Most Useful, Creepy Thing Every Newborn Photographer Needs

Newborn bbaby photographers know all too well how difficult it is to take shots of kids. On top of that, add how hard it is to learn on the job when parents tend not to trust anyone inexperienced with their kids. The solution: equal parts creepy and utilitarian, the StandInBaby is coming soon:

Despite the doll’s eerie uncanny-valley vibe, people are really getting behind this.

The idea is that you go from this…

baby photos

…To this…

fun baby poses

…wasting much less time and money than you would by learning on the job. After all, learning the trade of newborn photography isn’t easy. (Though it’s definitely possible—you can learn a few tricks here.)

The doll is 50cm long and weighs 7 pounds, with all the proper proportional distribution—i.e. mostly in the head. The joints, too, are crafted to be as realistic as possible.

realistic baby doll

“Our posing and training aid will allow photographers to learn baby wrapping techniques with ease, master camera and lighting setups like a pro and perfect the delicate craft of newborn posing, in their own time, at their own pace and without ever touching a real newborn baby.”

baby doll toy

Ignore the dystopian, Children of Men–style feel to this sentiment, and you’ll realize that it is much safer and easier for photographers to practice with a doll instead of a real baby.

anne geddes photography

Regardless, if this takes off, you can bet it will inspire a whole new wave of budding Anne Geddes imitators.

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