Spring Landscape Photography Tips & Ideas

Spring is a unique time for photography. The flowers are in full regalia, the trees are in bloom, and the bright spring green of newly opened leaves is lighting up the landscape. There are so many landscape elements unique to spring, it can be a virtual photographer’s paradise. Want to know some of the best ways to capture it? Check out these tips from Romanian landscape photographer Toma Bonciu:

Spring and autumn are times of change, and it’s these changes, as Bonciu points out, that make spring photography so special. The changing temperature, for example, brings about more than an opening of leaves and buds—it changes the entire dynamic of the sky and atmosphere, “causing beautiful and interesting things to happen.” There’s also a green that’s unique to spring—one that can light up an otherwise dull landscape.

forest waterfall photo

According to Bonciu, waterfalls look their best during spring. He also points out that spring’s the time of morning mist, fog, and dramatic, stormy skies.

black and white landscape

Bonciu uses black and white to better accentuate the drama.

One unusual tip Bonciu offers is using low contrast to accentuate the feeling of freshness and newness in a scene. It also creates an image that “doesn’t punch you in the eye saying look at me how strong I am.” (A great line to use if you ever get tired of the over-saturated images that are popular these days.)

mountain sunset

While not everyone is has access to the variety of scenery Bonciu shows us in this clip, there’s sure to be at least a few of the scenes he covers nearby. Know of other tips he didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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