Sports Photographer Hit By a Stray Shot Put

Sports photographers routinely face occupational hazards. There are stories of professional sports photographers getting bumped, knocked down, and bruised. They consider themselves sort of ball magnets and getting hit as something that is part of the job. Take this unfortunate photographer, for example:

At the 2016 World Indoor Track and Field Championships in Portland, Oregon, American pentathlete Kendell Williams threw her shot put a bit too far to the left and hit a photographer covering the event.

The impact appeared to be right smack on his knee. He almost rolled over, sat there for a few moments, as if unable to believe that he survived the impact, then stood up staggeringly to the applause of the concerned audience.

sports photographer gets hit by short put

Down, but not out

This was a freak accident, as the photographer was way out of the firing zone. He did seem fine at the end of it all. Though, heaven knows how painful that must have been. I guess this sort of thing just comes with the territory!

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One response to “Sports Photographer Hit By a Stray Shot Put”

  1. Wendy says:

    Well, it is, if fact, a weapon. Years ago, at one of the area high schools, a gal got killed by a wild discus.

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