Some Helpful Overlooked Photo Editing Tools in Lightroom

It’s natural to feel excited when you start learning something new. But once you’ve learned the basics, do you feel content and stop expanding your knowledge base? It’s always better to learn something new. Professional tools such as Adobe Lightroom have many powerful secrets to be discovered. So if you’re itching to learn some new tips, photographer Evan Ranft has some that you’ll wish you’d known about sooner:

He starts off by showing you how you can use the Photo Merge tool to mimic a wide-angle lens. It’s interesting to see how, by using this technique, you can emulate a wider perspective even though you have a standard lens. In the process, you also get to see how you can quickly straighten and fix the tilt in your images using the guided transform tool. As you can see, the process is quite simple but has a huge impact on your images.

Further into the video, you’ll also learn how you can efficiently work with a color’s hue, saturation and luminance by creating auto masks. This way, you can easily work with individual colors without wasting much time. And as far as exposures are concerned, you’ll also learn to use the “software’s vision” to visualize where you’re clipping the shadows and highlights data. If your workflow demands consistency, pay attention to the tricks on matching exposures in two images and Ranft’s reference photo trick.

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