Soccer Photography Studio Setup Techniques

This perfectly concise video clip gives us a high-energy montage of a manufactured soccer shoot, brought to us by Norwegian photographer Jens Haugen. This guy is an expert on scene construction, among other things, and this recently released short gives us a quick teaser into what his process is like:

We’re not given much information, but we can see that one of Jens Haugen‘s secrets is the use of a medium-format camera. These are pricey machines, with image sensors measuring roughly 55x44x33mm—about four times the size of a conventional DLSR sensor. This records much more light information, creating greater detail and depth in the final image. Other than that, his setup is minimal: a white backdrop, a few lights, and some duct tape. Out of these simple tools he begins to create the manufactured image, a new kind of art which has been made possible by the digital age.

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This is an incredible and unwieldy power that we’ve been granted, this ability to manufacture reality in such a way. Haugen undertakes this with significant style, creating bold and dramatic images that set themselves apart from the everyday and into the glorified. They are created in a similar way that a painting would be, and they echo the importance of the process, rather than trying to subdue it. It’s in this way that this type of photography can advance itself and a distinct school, all its own.

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  1. Very creative. I love the set up and the final execution . Thumbs up guys.

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