Skydiving Photographer Shares the Joys and Challenges of Aerial Photography

Combining passions can be a good way to renew interest and ward off moments of staleness. Just ask Juan Mayer, who–after years of photography–developed a love of skydiving. Rather than split his time between his interests, he decided to combine the two, resulting in some incredible skydiving photography:

Now a professional skydiving photographer, Mayer takes the term helmet cam to a whole new level, mounting two DSLRs, including a Nikon D5300, to the top of his helmet.


Mayer mounts two DSLRs to his helmet.

He produces images like the ones you see below.



“It’s more exciting, more challenging…. It took me many years to start doing [skydive] photos, because it’s not easy…. I would like to do it forever.”

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