SimpleSLR Training Books

Professional photography Andy Lim conducts SimpleSLR hands-on digital photography workshops, from beginners to advanced levels:

1. SimpleSLR Complete Photography eBook Bundle

simpleslr books

SimpleSLR eBooks

The first one is great for beginners and the others offer lighting instruction and case studies of complex scenarios which any level of photographer would find helpful. I really like how his case studies with incredible photographs explain the whole setup from start to finish with settings, lighting diagrams, and further explanations of techniques.

2. Hands-on Photography Guide for Beginners

beginner photography

This beginners’ photography handbook takes you by the hand and leads you step by step in discovering photography skills using a DSLR (digital SLR).

3. Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

portrait lighting

Get started today with flash photography, a crucial skill in a well-rounded portrait photographer. Get started today with flash photography, a crucial skill in a well-rounded portrait photographer.

4. Wedding Photography Lighting

wedding lighting

Be the professional photographer who confidently tackles wedding assignments in ANY location. Not enough light in a dimly-lit church or reception venue? Not a problem.

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