Simple Tips to Create Levitation Photography with Snapheal

Photographers make magic happen using a wide range of interesting techniques. Some popular wizardry now being spread around is levitation photography, where objects and people appear to float in the air. While there are many ways to accomplish these shots, such as having your subject jump really high, a little bit of software, such as Snapheal for Mac, can come in handy and will allow you to create truly unique and conceptual photos.

levitation photography

Photo by Luke Sharratt

London-based photographer Luke Sharratt created this amazing Magic Levitation series showing off the gravity-defying capabilities of Snapheal here:

Although Luke gets great results using the default photo apps, he says, “It may be time-consuming and can cause the computer to slow down.” With Snapheal for Mac you can really speed up the editing process. Here are simple tips you can use to create magic levitation shots:

levitation photo

Photo by Luke Sharratt

Firstly, use Snapheal to erase the stool or any other object your model is standing on. And you will immediately create the impression your model is flying. It will take you one simple click. Select the needed diameter of the brush, paint over the area you want to remove, click Erase. Note, you can choose between 3 Erasing modes which depends on the size of the object for removal. This is the thing to experiment with.

levitation with snapheal

Using Snapheal to remove the object supporting your subject

Secondly, once the removal mission is completed, we can move to general image enhancement.

To quickly adjust a certain parts of the photo, use the Retouch panel. There you will find the controls for Saturation, Hue, Exposure, Contrast, Clarity, Contrast, Highlights, and more. For the whole snap enhancements, switch to the Adjust Panel. Here you will find handy Color Temperature, Tint, Sharpen & Denoise slider. My personal advice is to use these controls sparingly, step by step and you will be dazzled by the results.

If you are interested, check out Snapheal. This week they have a deal where you can get it for free if you share the news with your friends (the regular price of the app is $24.99). Find it here.

levitation in snapheal

Levitation photo in progress

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4 responses to “Simple Tips to Create Levitation Photography with Snapheal”

  1. Hello,

    Good introduction to levitation photography :)
    Have a look to our page on Facebook : we are making levitation from 2012 (january) in Lyon (France) and many people have been levitated by us.

  2. Debbie says:

    Is this only a Mac software? I have PC

  3. Anthony Calleja Photography says:

    Very impressive techniques!

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