Setting the Mood for Your Clients in Photography

What makes a great studio photo? The right light? The right model? The right equipment? How about something less tangible such as passion or seduction? In the next video, commercial celebrity, fashion, and beauty photographer Matthew Jordan Smith shares some insights of his job:

Make your photo shoot a great experience

  • Use music, food, and nice ambient light to “seduce” your client and create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Remember that a good photo can tell a story.
  • All the elements in a frame blend together to create a story. Be imaginative.
  • Remember that the client walked into your workspace so it is your responsibility to set the appropriate mood. Be fun and friendly.
  • Great ideas come from your heart. Turn personal projects and fun ideas into work.
  • Do the work that you love doing. At the end of the day clients and potential clients will see and feel the passion behind your project, and this will assure you more work.


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