Selfies Anonymous: The 12-Step Support Group for Selfie-holics

“Three days ago, I posted a shameless mirror selfie—you know the kind,” a young man confesses, holding up his phone. “As you can see, I didn’t even take the time to turn the flash off.” Tyler’s support groupmates all nod knowingly. Some of them are shirtless selfie addicts and others can’t resist posting inordinate amounts of sunset photos or glamour shots, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re selfie-holics.

In this video satire, sketch comedy duo Tripp and Tyler allow viewers to sit in on a meeting of Selfies Anonymous, a 12-step support group for recovering selfie-holics:

By now, you’ve probably realized that Selfies Anonymous isn’t a real support group, but the concept does have merit in our social media-crazed culture where we tend to equate the number of likes and shares on our posts with our worth. (Via PetaPixel.) It’s like Tripp, the discussion leader of Selfies Anonymous, says:

“We’re all trying to feel important.”

selfies anonymous tripp tyler support group selfie-holic selfieholic

“I’ve been known to use 172 hashtags on a single photo on Instagram. I’m really hoping to hit that Explore tab.”

We want to know what you think! How many selfies is too many? Why do you think that people are so addicted to posting selfies?

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One response to “Selfies Anonymous: The 12-Step Support Group for Selfie-holics”

  1. Rachel Dodd says:

    I’m a narcissist selfie addict

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