Self-Portrait Headshot Tips for Photographers

A great portrait is more important than you think it is, both from the perspective of your business and your website. Plus, a self-portrait session is the perfect way to test out new lighting techniques before you head out on a photo shoot. In this video, Jeff Carpenter shares a few tips on how to take better self-portraits:

Use a Tripod

The tripod is your best bet when it comes down to having a steady platform to shoot from. Sure, you can place your camera on a chair or on a stack of books, but that is never a sure-fire way of doing things.

Try Wireless Tethering

Wireless tethering is a reliable way to ensure that you get precise focusing and accurate results. Most DSLRs and mirrorless systems come with a built-in Wi-Fi system. For these cameras all you need is the right app and you can control your camera from your smartphone.

self-portrait tips

Wireless control allows you to focus, pose, and take all the time you need perfecting it. You don’t have to set your camera on a timer and then run to your mark and hope everything works out.

how to take a self portrait

Plus, the images appear on your smartphone screen instantantly. With wireless tethering everything is scientific.

Use Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential to any type of photography. When it comes to self-portraits, it is just as important if not more. The pictures are going to create the first impression to your clients, so don’t take them lightly. Set up and light just as you would for a portrait shoot.

self portrait tutorial

Setting up a self-portrait session also allows you to try out different lights and backdrops before you make up your mind whether to use them on an actual portrait shoot with a client.

What are your tried and true self-portrait tips?

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