Seeking Adventure Through Timelapse Photography

We all seek comfort. And for many of us, that comfort comes through routine. But at what point should you break out of your comfort zone? What are you missing as you sit at your desk today?

Shane Black and two of his good friends wondered the same thing. They all took the risk of leaving behind their jobs for two months this summer to explore the world beyond their day-to-day routines. Together they drove nearly 13,000 miles, stopping many times along the way. Black used each evening’s stop to record this breathtaking timelapse, which he aptly titled “Adventure is Calling”:

To create the video that spans 32 states and 13 national parks, Black shot timelapse sequences with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 5D Mark III using a number of lenses ranging in focal length from 14 to 200mm. He also made use of a Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly and Vixen Polarie Star Tracker for panning. His images were processed with Lightroom 4, LRTimelapse, and Adobe After Effects.



Gear aside, the photographer’s eye for beauty and a good dose of patience are the driving forces behind this gorgeous work of art. Each scene seems like it couldn’t have been taken from a better angle. And it clearly shows us the allure beyond our everyday lives.


Whether your time for seeking adventure is now or something you must work and wait for, we can all be inspired by “Adventure is Calling.”

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3 responses to “Seeking Adventure Through Timelapse Photography”

  1. John says:

    Extensive use of fake backgrounds (same starfield for instance). Pity.

  2. notherjohn says:

    It is not fake. It is called the milky way. Very beatiful!

  3. I just wonder what it took to create a video that spanning 32 states and 13 national parks. Good job

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