See Inside The Kodak Technology Vault

It’s like walking down the aisle of history—photographic history to be precise. Tips from the Top Floor anchor Chris Marquardt gives us a peek at his private tour of the humongous George Eastman Museum Technology Vault in Rochester, NY:

The museum’s technical curator, Todd Gustavson, was kind enough to show off everything right from the Daguerreotype, to wet plate cameras, to 35mm film cameras, all the way to specimens from the modern digital era.

camera museum

He also took Marquardt around to see fringe items such as a gold Leica replica, a pinhole X-ray camera, and the oldest known camera sold in the US (incidentally also a Daguerreotype camera).

looking at old cameras

During the tour, Gustavson shared numerous anecdotes from the early days of photography and the people who were involved in it. This is truly a lesson in the history of photography in general—and camera technology in particular—that no one interested in photography would ever want to pass up.

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