Rollerblading Photographer Takes Motorcycle Photo Shoot to a Dangerous Level

Commercial and editorial photographer Matthew Jones has been shooting motorcycles and bikers for years, but for the photo session featured in the following video, he elevates his work to a whole new level. Instead of riding alongside the motorcycle in a vehicle or on the back of another bike, Jones straps on a pair of freshly oiled rollerblades:

Throughout the photo shoot, Jones used various rigs and methods that allowed him to travel alongside the photographer. In some scenes, he rolls down the hill behind the rider. In others, he is depicted holding on to the back of the bike with one hand or holding onto a climbing rope strung up to the back of the bike while shooting.

His techniques have sparked a certain measure of controversy, with some folks arguing that rollerblading while shooting and doing so without a helmet is an irresponsible and potentially dangerous undertaking, despite Jones’ decade of skating experience.

“I can see how a New York street might seem dangerous for something like this, but this was shot on a country Georgia road where there are hardly any cars that drive by and even if so, you can see them miles ahead,” posted videographer Chris Smith, who filmed the video. “‘Stunts’ like this are behind many major productions around the nation… I know people that have used their rollerblading skills to work with productions such as House, ESPNLifetimeBET, and MTV.”

Besides, you can’t argue with Jones’ results:

motorcycle motorbike bike cyclist biker highway automotive matthew jones ride riding rider

Dangerous? Sure, but look. at. this. shot.

Jones’ photo session took place on a hilly stretch of highway in Covington, Georgia and features a Triumph Scrambler 900 motorbike. Besides oiling up his rollerblade wheels with WD-40, Jones prepared for the shoot by selecting “less fancy” photo gear—a Canon 5D Mark II and attached Kenyon Lab Gyro Stabilizer KS-4. He also brought along a climbing rope to tether himself to the back of the motorcycle as the sun set and the shoot drew to a close.

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3 responses to “Rollerblading Photographer Takes Motorcycle Photo Shoot to a Dangerous Level”

  1. Mike DF says:

    Stupid. No helmet, no knee or elbow pads. No need to do it. Buy a car and let the emergency services concentrate on real accidents.

  2. Lisa says:

    Stupid. No helmet, hanging onto a moving motorcycle. Should NOT try this, no matter HOW much “experience” he has. A good way to get hurt / killed.

    Shame on you for putting this on your site without multiple “DON’T TRY THIS EVER!” warnings & a disclaimer saying, “this guy is not too bright”.

  3. Chris says:

    Who cares he did it, got cool shots. You don’t like it don’t watch. You wouldn’t do it? Well that’s you..Go look at more safe photography.

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