Risking It All to Photograph Surfers in the Arctic

As if surf photography wasn’t difficult enough, professional photographer Chris Burkard takes it to the extreme by mixing his passions for cold weather, surfing, and photography. Rather than heading to warm and tropical surf destinations like Tahiti, Burkard packs his winter clothes and wetsuit and takes off for the frigid Arctic waters to photograph the surfers brave enough to paddle out into the glacial waters. Listen to his story here:

Burkard says when he got into photography, he saw his camera as a possible vehicle to the world. An avenue to take that would lead him to all the places he had ever dreamed about visiting. Now a seasoned pro, those ambitions are paying off. Burkard and his camera have traveled the world, and they take stunning photographs:

surf photogrpahy

“Maybe not even be the most beautiful images, but they are the ones where you come back and you’re like, ‘Wow, I really gave something of myself to get that shot” I think that’s the beauty of going to those places, learning new things about yourself every time you take a photograph.”

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