100% Reliable Flash Photography eBook Review

reliable flash photography ebook

Flash Photography eBook Available Now

Edward Verosky has just released an eBook aimed to make photographers more confident in all flash photography situations. Flash photography is definitely a tricky subject, I know that I have been one to panic at dimly lighted events when people are depending on me to capture great photos. This new book is called 100% Reliable Flash Photography and is all about gaining the skill and confidence you need to create great images with the most basic and available lighting sources.

The book starts off by familiarizing you with the necessary flash photo equipment and the camera controls involved. The most useful information is the extensive instruction given on most flash situations you may find yourself in involving indoor and outdoor lighting situations. Here are some of the situations it will bring you up to speed on with tutorials, diagrams, and examples:

Indoor Lighting Flash Situations

  • Wall: Straight-On
  • Wall and/or Ceiling: Side Bounce
  • Wall and Ceiling: Room Bounce
  • Floor Shots
  • When There‚Äôs No Built-In Bounce Surface
  • Ambient Light as Background
  • Ambient Light On Your Subject
  • Ambient Light Only
  • Window Light
  • Single Off-Camera Flash
  • Multiple Off-Camera Flash Units
ebook on mastering flash photography

Indoor Flash Photography Situations Explained

Outdoor Lighting Flash Situations

  • Diffuse Sunlight, On-Camera Flash as Main/Fill Light
  • Direct Sunlight as Backlight, On-Camera Flash as Main/Fill Light
  • Adjusting Ambient Exposure, Maintaining Subject Exposure
  • Outdoor Bounce Lighting with On-Camera Flash
  • Multi-Point Lighting Outdoors, Putting It All Together
flash photography tips ebook

Flash Photo Guides for Very Specific Situations

Edward Verosky is a creative music, fashion, and editorial photographer. His distinctive photography is emotionally engaging, and often stylistically cinematic. The list of magazines and TV shows where his work has been featured is impressive, and he has done projects for many desirable clients.

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