Reflections: Are You Making the Most of This Creative Tool?

We all know that if we make use of reflections we can add some wonderful creativity to our images.

using reflections in photos
How many of us, however, consciously look for reflection opportunities as part of our standard photographic routine?

mirror image
And do we look beyond the standard mirror image approach?

Here is a series of images that will hopefully encourage you to think of adopting a new approach to reflections and how you capture them.

Wildlife can be great…

reflections in wildlife photography
…but what about in black & white?

black and white reflections
Black & white gives you the chance to do great silhouettes of all manner of subjects. These can be real mirror images for extra effect…

mirror image water reflection
…or just use the reflections to add interest to your urban images while staying in black & white.

urban reflections
Urban images offer a wide range of reflections depending where you are located but there is one type that can be found in almost any city which is reflections of buildings in buildings.

If you’re planning a shoot of this type it is well worth planning to do it on a Sunday when the traffic (cars and people!) is light.

building reflections
abstract reflections
These can look almost abstract and give a wonderful sense of complexity. Buildings with striking designs can look even more impressive when reflected in other buildings.

reflection in a reflection
…and then you get to the standard question: “How can we make images of known icons that are different?”

The answer is to use reflections.

icon reflections

One skyscraper reflected on another

puddle reflection

You can also do building details.

building details
Rain can add a whole new dimension to your reflections.

rain reflections
blue hour rain
Look for unexpected sources of reflection…

car reflection
… and subtle additions to images.

They can add a different feel to landscapes…

subtle reflections
landscape reflections
…and add hugely to the dramatic effect.

hot air balloon reflection
reflection on beach
There are many more ways of using reflections but I hope that these few ideas will light some creative fires and will give you another fun way of really enjoying this fascinating hobby.

About the Author
Roger Lee is a Johannesburg based photographer who runs a popular one day course based on “we don’t want to drown in detail, we just want to know how to use our cameras and enjoy ourselves!” There is also an easy-to-follow eBook version of his course.

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  1. Mike says:

    One worked example would have been appropriate.
    Also, the e-Book – does it contain workflows – selection, flipping and positioning, blending?

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