Rare Pictures Portray Steve Jobs in Difficult Times

For those who aren’t quite up to date with the history of Apple, Steve Jobs left the company in 1985 and for a decade, went through quite difficult times. Doug Menuez had the chance to take some rarely seen photographs of Steve Jobs during that period and shares them here:

What is striking about those photographs is the way they tell a story—different when compared to the one about Jobs we all know. It is one of those scenarios where the picture speaks a thousand words.

In the first image Menuez shares, even though it is mostly obstructed by out of focus elements, you can see just enough of the facial expression and that deep glare in his eyes that puts all of the distractions in perspective and simply makes the image complete.

doug menuez photos of steve jobs

Steve Jobs listening to a presentation

Doug Menuez had the exact intention, as he says:

“He kinda went into his own world briefly. And that is when I took the picture, when I saw him almost meditating.”

This next image is again all about the eyes, but this time it is the hands that tell the story, obstructing a whole lot but leaving just enough room for the eyes to pierce through the fingers. It’s excellent visionary portraiture.

steve jobs vision

Rare Photo of Steve Jobs

The next few images are messy if you don’t know what you are looking at, but once you realize what’s going, on everything falls into place.

steve jobs at gathering

A busy office

In this final image, it’s obvious that Steve Jobs is ecstatic, but that wouldn’t be so emphasized if there weren’t the shared emotions of the other people in the frame to multiply the effect. Yes, they are out of focus but it is enough to feel the joy that they all share. It seems as if he is on the top of the world, and in that moment he probably felt that way, as well.

steve jobs being ecstatic

A happy moment

All of these photos are classic black and white photographs. There is no color to guide your eye. Here it is all about the framing, context, emotion, and the moment. The framing might not be perfect, nor the light. But everything else is executed in a maestral manner that it makes these images iconic and storytelling.

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