Rare Photos from the Past 125 Years

There are moments and then there are moments. Moments that shape the course of history, alter lives, or permanently change those who were unfortunate to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. A timelapse of the 20th century might well have a disturbing several seconds dedicated to the great wars. But it’s definitely not going to showcase violence alone. It will also speak of man’s struggle, hope, freedom, and progress. This short collection of rare photos is just a snapshot of the big picture that was the 20th century. It highlights many of the turning points and misses quite a few. But then, it’s a tall ask to summarize so much into just 36 frames:

Photography has sometimes been referred to as the ‘lesser form of art.’ With such powerful images, capturing so many diverse and conflicting emotions, it’s difficult to agree to that statement.

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One response to “Rare Photos from the Past 125 Years”

  1. Richard Stark says:

    These are all documentary photos. Not only are they not a lesser form of art, they are not art at all.

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