Quick Tips from a Professional Wedding Photographer

Having a wedding is a major life event that brides and grooms will cherish for the rest of their lives. Because of the inherent beauty and significance of a wedding, it’s important that the photography be taken just as seriously as the event itself.
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This includes vast amounts of preparation, meeting with couples, and location scouting so you can turn that special occasion into a lasting memory. For those just starting out, or even those who may already have a few weddings under their belt, we’ve compiled a series of short, informative videos from Jasmine Star designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to wedding photography. Take a look:

Posing Tips

  • Give the clients directions and shoot the movement of the clients as they follow the directions. Capturing the poses during movement will make the poses look more natural.
  • Talk to the clients while you are shooting to help keep the clients comfortable. Talk about things you think you would want to hear if you were in their position such as, “That looks great!”
  • Make the couple comfortable by creating conversation, helping carry the bride’s dress, or discussing the plan for the big day.

Creating a Same Day Slide Show

  • Shoot in RAW and JPEG. The JPEGs will make same day viewing much easier and quicker, but you’ll want the RAW files for final edits.
  • Include shots of the bride and groom preparing for the big day, stills of the wedding dress and rings, guests at the wedding, etc.
  • Use software such as iPhoto to easily create a slideshow while still on location.
  • Play the slideshow at the reception where the most people will see it, such as the bar.

Free Marketing Tips

  • At the end of the year, connect with past team members and send them specialized photos they can use. For example, send a florist photos of the flowers they arranged for a wedding so they can use them in advertisements. This helps keep you on the radar and builds strong industry relationships.
  • Post a couple photos at a time on Facebook, spreading it out all throughout the year. This ensures you always have fresh photos to post rather than posting an entire wedding album at once.
  • Get to know other photographers on a personal level, so they are more compelled to refer you to clients they don’t have the time to do—or even hire you as a second shooter.

Directive Posing

  • Remember that your clients are just average people with little to no modeling experience. It’s up to you to help them pose!
  • Talk them through the pose using specific instructions in a friendly, suggestive tone.
  • Take photos of the couple walking when you or the couple are feeling at a loss for a pose. It’s very natural and makes the couple more relaxed.

Getting More Likes on Facebook

  • Make sure your page includes information on who you are as a person so people are more comfortable with you.
  • Keep your personal page separate from your photography page.
  • Add three to four status updates a day to offer insight into you and your work.

Engagement Sessions

  • Send example photos of shoots that you have done in the past using a similar style, such as a beach shoot.
  • Give suggestions on what to wear and what not to wear.
  • Have them style their hair, makeup, and nails in a similar fashion as they will be done on the wedding day.
  • If the clients are choosing their location, make sure you do not need a permit to shoot there and that no other major events are taking place there on the day of the shoot.

Working with a Business Partner

  • Outline who is in charge of what and when. Each person should be aware of what they are responsible for.
  • Review each other’s work together.
  • Open communication is key. You have to be comfortable being honest with each other; placing your feelings aside for the sake of the business is essential.

Hopefully, you found the information shared in these video helpful. Of course, these rules are not hard and fast. It’s sometimes best to personalize your photo shoots to the specific couple you’re working with, since each will have their own specific needs and expectations. However, regardless of your clients, clear and open communication will always be the best starting point to conducting a successful wedding photo shoot.

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  1. Ava Miller says:

    B o o k m a r k e d ! ! ! To be honest I’ve lost count on how many times I had watch these clips for a simple reason that I just can’t get enough… XOXO:D! Looking forward for any updates or new post that you might want to share…

  2. I watch videos…. You made some good points there.I agreed that the wedding is the most happiness moment of the life. every one want to capture each and every moment of his/her wedding. So wedding photography is the most important part of wedding.

  3. You made a good point that having access to some sample photographs will help me better understand the style of a wedding photographer. My boyfriend and I are still continuing with our wedding plans so that we can quickly push through with it once the quarantine is over. Hopefully, if we can find some places where it’s not risky to shoot, we can focus on the wedding photography for now.

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