Quick Tips for Photographing Glass

Photographing reflective surfaces can be a nightmare, or not, depending on how you set up your lights. David Bergman demonstrates how to light glass:

Avoid firing a flash straight at the wine glass.

wine glass photography tips

Direct Flash

Direct flash results in reflections from the flash in the glass.

The solution is to place the light behind the glass.

How to Light and Photograph Wine Glasses

Place your light behind the glass.

A big softbox works well for lighting glass from behind. But you can also bounce your flash off of a white reflector or white piece of paper.

How to Light and Photograph Wine Glasses


With a completely white background, it’s hard to define the edges of the glass. You can use negative fill to darken the edges.

How to Light and Photograph Wine Glasses

Use black foam core to define glass edges.

To accentuate the edges of the glass, use black foam core or anything dark to surround your subject.

no negative fill

Without negative fill

black foam core for wine glass

Negative fill helps to define glass edges.

To reverse the look, place the black foam core in front of the white background so that the light slips out from the sides.

How to Light and Photograph Wine Glasses

This creates a beautiful rim lighting effect.

How to Light and Photograph Wine Glasses

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