Pro Tips to Stand Out & Build Your Photography Audience

Unless someone is a true professional photographer, making money off their art, it can be a challenge to stay motivated in the field. Some are content with just the feedback and reactions they get from their audience. But this gets tricky—it can be difficult to get people to care about your work. And this void can be frustrating enough that many end up quitting their passion. In today’s video, photographer Evan Ranft takes you through the main reasons why you might be struggling to build an audience for your photography.

First and foremost, understand that building an audience is not something you can do overnight. It takes years of hard work and dedication. Even so, as Ranft rightly points out, it can turn out to be a herculean task to build an audience just by created the kind of art you like. A good strategy is to draw people in by riding a popular wave and keep them engaged with your offering. Once you have them hooked, chances are high that they will follow you to where you lead them.

It then becomes very important that your work has something new to offer and stands out from the rest. Identify your unique selling proposition and make the most out of it. Unless you have something different to offer, your work will struggle for attention. Copying others will land you nowhere. You need to have your own voice in order to be distinguished in a crowd.

“The faster you can be yourself, the faster people are going to be interested in who you are and what you’re making.”

Time and again, you will come across other people who are better than you. And when you do, observe how they work and what they are doing. Chances are high that they might be better at playing the game than you are. Learn from them and see where you’re missing out.

If you are struggling to build your photography audience, make sure to watch the complete video. The tips that Ranft shares will definitely help you out.

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